lunes, 16 de abril de 2012

Member of Scientific Committee of "6th Internacional Conference on Industrial Engineering and Industrial Management"

This joint conference will be held in Vigo (Spain) on the 18th, 19th and 20th of July 2012, with the theme Industrial Engineering: overcoming the crisis.

CIO 2012 has two parallel conferences: 6th International Conference on Industrial Engineering and Industrial Management, with English as official language, and XVI Congreso en Ingeniería de Organización, with Spanish as official language. In both conferences, there will be oral presentations and posters.

The general objectives of CIO 2012 are:
  • To promote a meeting of researchers, as a way to exchange ideas and approaches that contribute to the development of Industrial Engineering from a scientific and entrepreneurial perspective.
  • To discuss the role of industrial engineering in improving scientific and entrepreneurial competitiveness, contributing to overcome the crisis.
  • To maintain the level of excellence of previous conferences, in such a way that their publications (proceedings, books and journals) continue to be the best reference in this field.
  • To strengthen the exchange between researchers from recognized universities and scientific institutions, not only in Spain and Latin America, but also worldwide.
Conference Topics

  1. Business Administration and Strategy
  2. Logistics and Supply Chain Management
  3. Operations Management
  4. Manufacturing Management
  5. Scheduling and Sequencing
  6. Transportation and Physical Distribution
  7. Simulation and Multiagent Systems
  8. Lean Manufacturing
  9. Continuous Improvement
  10. Quality Management
  11. Environmental Management
  12. Health & Safety Management and Ergonomics
  13. Sustainability in the Supply Chain and Corporate Social Responsibility
  14. Quantitative Methods
  15. Economic Environment
  16. Economic and Finance Management
  17. Information Systems and Information Communications and Technology –ICT-
  18. Knowledge Management
  19. Innovation Management
  20. Technological and Organizational Innovation
  21. Project Management
  22. Product Management
  23. Marketing
  24. Work Organization and Human Resources Management
  25. Innovation in Education and Professional Skills

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